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November 16, 2011

My cousin Gayle and myself (Justine) have decided that we are going to be running the 2 Oceans Half marathon in March next year.  The 7th of March 2012 to be exact.

However, I underestimated how unfit I really was.

I decided to sign up for the Shape 10km Challenge 8 weeks ago, and am currently able to run about 5km and doing a total of roughly 7km combined with the walking in-between the running (when my lungs just give up on me and make me realise just how unfit I really am), which is great, but 2 Oceans Half Marathon is 21km, TWENTY-ONE KILOMETERS! I get tired driving 21kms.  However, I need something to work towards so I know I wont give up on yet another undertaking to try achieve the body of a goddess (The Goddess’ I have in mind is none other than Victoria Secrets supermodel Heidi Klum) and be able to climb 3 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing and wheezing like a 70yr once I get to the top.

In true Justine style however, I NEVER do anything on a small scale I haven’t signed up for a 5km or 10km SPAR fun-run or a Sister with Blisters run/walk… no not I, not Justine, Justine signs up to run 21kms UP table mountain to prove herself.

So this is our journey as we train to run the half marathon, we will be blogging about the highs, the lows, the weird, and the wonderful things that happen to us as we try to get fit enough to run 21kms in under 3hours and qualify for a bronze medal (we’re not aiming higher than bronze, neither of us is Usain Bolt ok!) in the 2 Oceans Half Marathon on the 7th or March 2011

142 days to go

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  1. Good for you jus! Good luck xxxx

  2. Im not sure if I need Luck or a psychiatric exam, but thanks Taz xoxo

  3. You go Jussie – will be following your posts with interest – am sure you will be brilliant and do just fine!!! Lots love xxx


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