Today is a rest day
November 24, 2011

Ah, rest days, how I long for these….. Plan for today? Doing NOTHING!  And thank god I have nothing planned for today, my body is still so sore I don’t think I would be able to do anything even if I tried.

Its NEVER fun discovering muscles you never knew you had, especially when they are only discovered because they hurt – This is what Christopher Columbus must have felt like when he discovered America only to be threatened by the Native American Indians, I assume.

To get more motivated I went onto Google and searched for some running quotes to get me excited about running again, this is what I found

Jogging is for people who aren’t intelligent enough to watch television – Victoria Wood

I don’t think jogging is healthy, especially morning jogging. If morning joggers knew how tempting they looked to morning motorists, they would stay home and do sit-ups – Rita Rudner

If you start to feel good during an ultra, don’t worry, you will get over it – Gene Thibeault

Ok, so the motivational quotes didn’t help AT ALL!

But I do now  know not to run on the road at 6am cos I might get hit by a car, I should just stay at home and watch TV

In other news, tomorrow I get back on the band wagon with a mammoth of a run – the longest one yet.  This may be my last blog post, I’m not sure if i will live to see the other side

134 days to go (Insert swear word here)


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