Week 10, need to find my Zen
November 29, 2011

Week 10.  I have only 2 weeks to go until I can run 10kms.  Yes Two Oceans is 21kms, I am aware of this, baby steps.

So, last night I hit the gym running (as per usual) doing two sets of running 20mins having a 5 minute brisk walk rest period and repeating it once again.

I remember when I first started gyming, all I wanted to be able to do was run a full treadmill cycle (on the Older treadmill that was 20mins), well BAM! I can now do that.  Go me!

This first 20mins was easy peasy putsey pie, after the 5minute brisk walk “break” I really struggled…  I dont know how people dont get bored running on the treadmill, I mean there is only so much you can look at after 45mins of running even the cutest of bums running in front of you gets annoying.

The most annoying thing is when some skinny cow in a size 4 Gucci track suit jumps on the treadmill next to you and then proceeds to call someone and you are forced to listen to their conversation for the next 10 minutes while she tells her friends how hard she is working out at the gym, when REALLY all she has done is stroll for 10minutes, which would be better suited for a park frankly.  COULD YOU NOT FIND A TREADMILL SOMEWHERE ELSE?  If you haven’t noticed by now, gym which used to be my sanctuary to run off any feelings I was feeling is now becoming the place where the smallest things irritate me the most, all that runs through my brain is HEIDI KLUM, HEIDI KLUM, HEIDI KLUM, HEIDI KLUM!!!! (Im not lesbian but god she is gorgeous, did you see the new Victoria Secrets run away show? – I have now taken to eating my meals while watching Fashion TV, turns out I only eat like a 1/4 of what i put on my plate this way, its called the FTV Jealousy Diet and it works wonders, I should patent it really)

That being said, if “The Talker in the Gucci Tracksuit” didn’t invaded my treadmill space my training session would have been far more enjoyable, and I did run 7.23km, All Time High. Yay! Go me!

129 days to go


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