Week 8 or rather Week Ache
November 17, 2011

So, I am currently in week 8 of my running program, I must admit I am surprised at how fit I have gotten in such a short time.

8 weeks ago I couldn’t run 500m without thinking I was going to have a full on asthma attack, fall off the treadmill and then have to suffer the walk of shame as I leave the gym which everyone looking at me with pity in their eyes.  However today I ran 6km with a total of 7km altogether in 45mins (OK, so I need to start doing this faster but still that’s quite amaze) and even though my legs turned to jelly and my feet and my brain didn’t seen to be getting each others messages I manage to do it.  Go Team!

Granted I did have a bit of motivation.  Motivation in the form of: ‘Hot guy at gym running on the treadmill in front of me‘.  Don’t laugh people put carrots on a fishing rod infront of a donkey to get them to move, lets just say that this morning ‘Hot guy at gym running on the treadmill in front of me’ was MY carrot, and what a delicious carrot it was.

I am pretty sure that as of tomorrow I will not be able to move my lower body let alone manage to walk from my car to the front door but as of right now, I am embracing the pain, thinking about my carrot replacement and feeling quite alright.

Tomorrow week 9 starts and I may have to take back those words.







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  1. Okay so you’re taking this SAARRISLY! You damn Joburg chicks … all drive and ambition! The fact that you have a hot guy in the gym, firstly, is an unfair advantage. I have a fat farmer in Terblanche shorts and kharki top that is all cotton and NO weeking (sp) thread at all … hence large puddles of sweat pooling in his socks.

    I will now go back into my email history and dig out Week 1 that the Shape magazine department so kindly sent me. It must be in there somewhere between the emails reminding me to have my boobs checked, save the rhino and cash in the $1 million dollar check I’ll shortly be receiving from the British Gas Company lottery challenge.

    Geez does a 40 something chick ever get a break … ?

    P.S. Uber proud of you Jussy!

  2. Nice one, G when does the oceans begin


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