Oh, I just went TOO fast!
December 9, 2011

So for those of you who read my last blog post would have felt how disheartened I was after going for my first road run yesterday with a friend compared to the treadmill running I have been doing.  Well I have GOOD news to report!  Its not that I have absolutely no hope in finishing, let alone starting the Two Oceans, the reason I nearly died yesterday is simply because I ran too fast (Rookie Mistake).

The good thing about running with someone is that they do push you to run faster and better than you usually would, the bad thing is that you run faster and harder than you are normally used to which is my case resulted in me seeing my life flash before my eyes while screaming out multiple curse words to anyone who would listen.

This morning I went for a little jog just around the block at my Mom’s house, it must have been about 2kms (Considering yesterdays performance I wasn’t going to run too far encase, you know, I died) I’m happy however to report that I quite easily jogged the whole way around my planned route and when I got back I could have gone further and I didn’t even break a huge sweat.  Result!

I just need to remember that I am infact NOT Haile Gebrselassie and I cannot run like the wind without a tornado coming around to pick me and an put me right back in my place.

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  1. Please, your Gebrselassie-ing like a baws!

  2. Yooo too funny for me Justina Joyness !!

  3. Inspiring information on improving my athletic performance!

  4. Reading your blog… so proud!! I want your tracker number! x

    1. I’ll totes let you track me, this is me giving you permission to stalk me 🙂


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