OK, so I may be little OCD, big deal.
December 4, 2011

I walk into gym this morning and there is someone on my treadmill… Yes I know its not actually MY treadmill but its the only one out of the 30 other treadmills that I like to use. This totally effed with my chii and as a result my workout sucked today, it sucked so bad in fact that I only did half of what I was supposed to do for my training program, which now means I am behind with little to no hope of ever catching up….

You may think I’m a little obsessive over my treadmill, I’ll tell you why this “Treadmill thief” made me angry, firstly is it this older lady who doesn’t like me. How do I know she doesn’t like my you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

During peak hours at the gym which are 7-9am and 4-7pm you are only allowed a maximum of 20minutes on the Treadmill, a rule that I have NEVER seen anyone but myself abide to. Usually if all the treadmills are full and I have done my 20mins I will hop off and wait for the next available treadmill, till I figured out I was the ONLY idiot doing that! And I was let treadmill-less and alone.
Anyway back to why the old lady hates me, the ONE day when I decided “Screw it!” and stayed on the treadmill longer than the allowed 20mins (just like the two girls running in front of me) this old lady had to wait for an open treadmill, and she waited behind me… She then proceeded to mutter under her breath for the next 10minutes about how “20 minutes is only allowed during peak gym times” and “how selfish people are” – I didn’t get off, I didn’t let her get to me, also because the two girls in front of me has been running longer than me and well, they should have got off first.

From that day one, the old lady hasn’t liked me. Yet still I deal with the glares and evil looks and I was going to apologise until I can into gym this morning. Peak gym traffic, old lady is on MY treadmill, there are NO other treadmills available and guess what? Old lady had been training for 35mins, BUT HEY! I thought only 20minutes was allowed during peak hours Grandma. Bam! Busted!

So I naturally did what any civilised woman would do “I hovered over her like a vulture waiting to devour it prey” unfortunately someone else got off of a treadmill before Old lady and I had to use that one, therefore un-balancing my Chii and ruining my work out. Cow.

Also I may be a little OCD.


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