Running, Cycling, its all counts as long as your moving, right?
December 3, 2011

Why do days go so fast but minutes on my treadmill or bike go so slowly?
In an effort to strengthen my legs I have been running and cycling, let’s just say that Deep Heat has become my closest friend and my muscles have become my worst enemy.

It seemed like Two Oceans was Miles away when I signed up, but now miles has turned into:
“Holy Crap, its in 4 months, 4 MONTHS how am I ever going to to this” which is followed by crying and shivering in a corner licking my wounds and wondering why I would inflict such a punishment on myself.

However, although deviating from my training program to add in cycling I am still going to gym like its my new religion….

Speaking of religion, so my aunt has been reading my blog *waves at aunt*, I asked her what she thought of it and all I got was “Justine, God is spelt with a capital G” – glad to know my running is the main focus here.

I’m off to Zimbabwe on Wednesday, so I’ll be the blonde chick running everywhere, if you see me hoot, or rather stop and find out if I’m ok, or dying, likelihood is that’ll be the latter and who doesn’t like being a hero and saving lives.

In the mean time, I’m gonna “Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running…”


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