Salmon Run(ing)
December 13, 2011

I have gone into farm mode and left the bustling town that is Harare during the Salmon run (For those NON Zimbabweans, the “Salmon Run” happens in June and Nov-December each year which as you guessed it coincides with Varsity Vacs, basically all the students from all over the world come back to Zim which has been compared to the Salmon Run…. I personally think its called the “Salmon Run” because everyone swims upstream to mate, but that sounds way to primal to tell everyone)

So, in keeping with the Salmon Run theme I have been doing some running myself (I do qualify as a Salmon as I swim upstream to come home for Vac but I don’t come home to mate – don’t worry Mom)

I haven’t been doing too much running while in Harare basically because I need to get my A into G and sign up with Body Active (Zimbabwe’s answer to Planet Fitness or Virgin Active) as the Race Course is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays to run around, I would try the other days but well you know, I fear being raped.

Anyways I am rumbling, I am on the farm and today I did a rather massive road run, the longest road run I have done yet, 6kms in 45 minutes which means I would have quite comfortably been able to do 7km in an hour and can thus finish my marathon if I carry on with the speed I’m currently running at – however its not fast at all, I think I may be running with the pensioners come marathon time, buts that’s groovy, I thank god never made my goal about speed just being able to complete it. Result.

6kms in 45 minutes around my beautiful farm – I must say my Dad’s lands are looking fantastic even if a little dry for this time of year, global warming is hitting home quite literally. My Dad’s weather website tells us however that we will rain cats and dogs this evening (I’m hoping for a Yorkie puppy) so tomorrow I will either be running on the road into Mhangura to avoid the mud or my run will turn into a mud fight with my dogs, either way I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Ah the salmon run – how I miss those days! So happy to hear your Dad’s farm is looking good. Carry on enjoying the running – you’re much more disciplined and braver than me! Xxxx

    1. So many pretty boy fish too 🙂
      I dunno if Im ENJOYING the running, but I’m sticking to it!


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