Running for Rain?
January 11, 2012

To give you all a bit of a background, my Dad is a farmer and at the moment we are currently experiencing one of the worst seasons we have ever had since like 1991 – it just wont rain!!!!!!!

So in an effort to get it to rain I went for a run (No, I do not all of a sudden miraculously think that I am Jesus or that running can solve the worlds problems, just hear me out ok?).

See all around our farm has been getting rain except us… For those of you who don’t know me personally I am the Queen Bee of awkward situations and bad luck  (Or I was, my New Years resolution was to be more positive and finally finish reading The Secret) so I figured there were HUGE black clouds holding what looked like the ocean in them, so the logical thing was to go for a run around the lands cos “Knowing my luck, half way through my run it’ll start bucketing down with rain” – So off I went.

It didn’t rain.

At one point I was scared it would because of the lightening and the thunder but it never did.  On a positive note my positive vibes seem to have gotten rid of my bad luck.  On a negative note, I have lost my bad luck when I wanted it most.  Cant win can ya?

OK, so I went for a run around the land, must have been about 6kms.

Didn’t push myself too much cos I am terribly stiff at the moment, no thanks to my Father who thought it would be a great bonding experience to workout in our home gym together.  50 sit ups later I woke up this morning and when I tried to get out of bed I thought I was in the middle of child birth.  My other friend Mike also took it apon himself to draft me a “Work Out program” cos he said and to quote him directly “Your current one sucks” and well since he is a soldier in Egypt on some peace keeping mission at the moment he really has nothing else to do (Since you know the uprising their is over and stuff) so I tried his program too – not only is my stomach in total pain but my thighs and butt too, if someone had offered to cut them off of me to take away the pain I would have genuinely thought about doing it today.

Must fight through the pain and keeping thinking ‘Heidi Klum, Heidi Klum, Heidi Klum”


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