50 days. FIFTY DAYS!
February 16, 2012

Fifty days to go. I know I still have time but in the back of my mind there is a little voice screaming “Justine!!!! Sell your entry!!! Don’t do this!!! Your not going to make it!!! Quit while your ahead!!!” (I’ve excessively used exclamation marks to ensure you know that it’s all screamed, not just cos I like exclamation marks, even if they are one of the cooler forms of punctuation. I’m rambling, moving on.) Then on the other hand there are voices in my head going “Bro, you got this! Your going to own this marathon, its gonna be a gas and your going to love every second of it!” That’s the voice I’m still listening to. I hope its the right one.

In other news, had a good training session today. 7kms in 53minutes. Slow and steady. Chilled run. I enjoyed it.

Humour wise: There is a granny in the gym, who must be like 70 who wears a Jane Fonda inspired leotard complete with swimming costume over the leotard. Tried to take a picture, (still have no idea how to turn my blackbery into stealth mode and switch of the camera taking a picture sound) and failed its all blurry and stuff. Yet another reason why I need to switch to an iPhone.

50 days to go.


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