Hitting the road, Jack?
February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day Errrrbody!

I have been slacking with blog posts, I know.  I HATE it when real life gets in the way with my virtual presence.

As you all should know by now from previous blog posts or pictures I have uploaded – I am a treadmill runner, that’s what I do, I go to the gym and I run on a treadmill for long periods of time – I love it, the air con blowing through my hair keeping my body temp lower than it would be if I were outside, the view of the Gauteng Water-polo Team training in the pool below me the smell of chlorine as they jump in and out of the pool (God Bless them), the odd laugh as someone iPod get caught around there are and goes flying off the treadmill nearly taking them with it, the controlled speed, the competition with the person next to you who “Just isnt running faster enough” and the superiority this gives me.

I love the gym.   I love treadmills.

That being said, 2 Oceans is NOT on a treadmill, and road running has to be done and conquered and FAST!

So on Tuesday I did my first road run in South Africa (I took my can of pepper spray with me, you can NEVER be too safe) from my complex to the Friendly 7/11 at the end of the road, I thought it was rather far away turns out, it isnt. Lame 4kms only, I felt like I have run 10, dam you measurements!  That being said, running outside is cool, the change in scenery and the beautiful morning smells (this does not apply to Garbage collection day) makes you blissfully unaware of how long you have been running for.  It was fun.  I went again this morning and went a little bit farther.  Tomorrow I will further still and so on.

37 days to go!


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