Interval Training
February 25, 2012

In an effort to stop being over whelmed I am switching things up…. So I did Interval training.

I found this program online at www.runnersworld.co.za and it seems pretty cool so I gave it a try as a starting out thing to try and improve my speed. It went a little something like this

Run and slow jog for five minutes

Run at a faster comfortable speed

Sprint flat out for 30 seconds

Run at a comfortable speed for 4,5 minutes

and repeat the sprinting and running thing 3 times till it makes up 30mins

Ran the WHOLE way, didn’t walk expect for the last two minutes which is fine cos it was almost a cool down.

I like running again cos that way easy.

Tomorrow morning I has stupidly said I will run a 10km.  I  may die (especially since I am going on the booze tonight) but it will be a good time, I’m excited to see how far I can go, cos I don’t do much road running.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page to see how it goes.



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