February 22, 2012

So here is little old me, Justine thinking to herself 4 months ago “I Should run a marathon, I should run two oceans”

So, here is little old , Justine thinking to herself right now ” WHAT THE F****************************K HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As you can tell from above, slight change in attitude. Slight change.  Its hardly noticeable.

The reason I am feeling like this is its 44 days until Two Oceans and I am yet to run a 10km without stopping for a walk, but NOW I am going to do 21.1kms? I am mental, totally f**king mental.  Also altitude plays a bit part,  HELLO! I knew it played a part but I didn’t know it was so big! I legit though altitude’s part was as big at the guy who opened the boom 45mins into that Adam Sandler movie that one time.

Excuse the swearing this is all of you experiencing me having a nervous break down in REAL TIME!  (Yet you keep reading… Sicko’s)

The being said “I still have time” I keep on repeating this to myself time after time after time, I must just keep on training and training and training and pushing myself harder and harder!

That being said in preparation I have signed up for

1. The Nike 10km night run on Human Rights Day 21st March

2. I am ABOUT to sign up for some 21km run at Haarties on the 17th of march to see how I “Feel” about Two Oceans.  Im pretty sure I can already tell you how I feel about it but there is no space for those kind of obscenities here so I shall bite my tongue

This may motivate me


44 days to go.  F.M.L

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  1. You can do it Justine. Have faith in yourself, Overcome your fear of the road and start running on it. it will help 100 times more than what the treadmill will.

    Kick ass, take names, chew bubble gum.



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