Plane Ticket to Cape Town. Check
February 24, 2012

It’s done.  The ticket is bought.  I arrive in Cape Town on the 6th of April at approximately 2pm to run Two Oceans the following day.  In other news, i’m about to have a bit of a rant.  Sit back and enjoy the ranting.


I have just paid a small fortune for my ticket to Cape Town, its almost like they think to themselves ‘Hey, guys, there are going to be 100 times more people flying to Cape Town this weekend than every other weekend, HEY! I have an idea! lets make plane tickets ASTRONOMICAL!!!!!”

Thank god my Dads a “G” and he has got my back and bought me my plane ticket ( Thank you Daddy) or I would have had to sell my body on a street corner to the highest bidder/not eat from now until then/sell my unnecessary organs on the black market….. All of which could possibly mean certain death.

However on the upside I got an  e-mail from a lovely Nigerian man who told me that a long lost relative on mine had passed away and if I sent him some money I would have a vast amount of money deposited in my bank account.  Seems legit.

43 days to go gadget go!


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