Wait, what, its Uphill?
February 10, 2012

7kms in under a hour at gym last night. *Booty Shake*

The reason its important to do it in under an hour is because I need to factor in this little mountain I need to run up, I say “run” but what I actually mean is “walk briskly” because there is NO way in hell I am RUNNING up Table Mountain.

There is a saying that goes “Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going” this is anything BUT my attitude to Two Oceans. If I feel like I’m going to “up chuck” at ANY stage I’m pulling over, cracking open a cold one and giving a deck chair some loving, ok not really, I’m just gonna walk till the feeling goes away, but you get what I mean. Slow and steady is my motto, slow and steady.

So I have decided that on the flat bits I’m going to run like I stole something to make up time and which will give me more than enough time to briskly walk up Chapmans Peak.

Rocket science.


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