I may be injured :/
March 23, 2012

So, after this 10km run on Wednesday I seem to have done some damage to myself, not the kind of damage that NORMAL runners do to themselves (like pull a muscle in their legs, thighs) no not Justine, Justine has damaged her shoulders and neck…. I can only assume that this is because when I run I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


That being said I can barely move my shoulder/neck situation is so utterly screwed up – I have no idea what to do and I haven’t been running because it is just TOO sore!

I have however come to the conclusion that the reason I have such a sore shoulder/neck situation however is due to the worlds worse stitch I had for 30mins while running through the streets of JHB on Wed – For a newby runner these things are all well, new to me you see, I knew about stitches but the last one I probably got was back in 1993.  I did not know however, how terribly painful they could be, and this is why I ran bent up  like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for 30mins through Hillbrow and PROBABLY damaged myself (Hopefully not seriously and it’ll correct itself)

Runners out there, help a girl out? I dunno what to do other than pump myself full of muscle relaxers or just embrace the pain?

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  1. I think you nailed it, running for a long time with that stitch. Any time you have something that alters your running gait (especially if you do it for a while), you’ll usually notice a secondary pain following your run. You most likely over-worked the muscles in your shoulders & neck. The good news is that the pain should go away as long as you don’t run with the stitch any more. As soon as you notice a stitch starting up, work on breathing deeply with your diaphragm and maybe walk for a minute. I hope that helps. Good luck!!

    1. Very helpful! Thanks 🙂
      Also got some stretches to do from a physio, Arnica oil is also great, helped “loosen me up”


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