Nike Run Jozi (Post Numero Uno)
March 22, 2012

So this is going to be on of probably two posts about Nike Run Jozi Taking back the streets 10km run because it was that *insert swear word that begins with F* AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can spot me, I will give you one BILLION DOLLARS (Zimbabwean dollars – terms and conditions apply)

So, my run was epic, my time was “OK” I’ll wait till I get the thing that gave us to put on our shoelaces that tracked our time back to release my official time and blow all your mind holes with my speed (that’s not going to happen so dont hold your breath, I think I ran quite slowly actually)

The event was amazing!  Everyone in their Lumo Yellow “Run Jozi” shirts from Nike running over Nelson Mandela Bridge and into town is probably one of the most epic things I have every seen, i gave me chills and made me feel like I was connected to the 10000 people ahead/behind and around me.

I had a blast! And I cant wait till the event next year.

Oh and i took the Nike pledge, mine was ‘Next Time No walking< and I’m beating Desmond’s time”  (Desmond twas the overachiever who won it in a record time of 30mins)

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  1. I am sooooo freaking proud of you !!!! GO JAY JAY ….


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