Saturday morning
March 19, 2012

While the rest of the “cool” 24yr olds in the world where sleeping off hangovers and waking up in places they don’t remember falling asleep in I was out running yet again, as has now become habit in my life.

I found out on this particular run that  from my house to Lonehill boulevard is only 4km’s “ish” – also found a rad back route that is going to annihilate any traffic problems I may ever experience getting to Lonehill ever again.

May I also add that running to Lonehill Boulevard is a jam cos its down hill 40mins of running has never been easier – till i turned around to come home…. from that point on it was no longer a run,it became a Run/Walk out of necessity.  I’m so screwed for Two Oceans Marathon  its ridiculous… Lets just hope I don’t die.

All in all had a fun run though and thanks to Endomondo I know exactly how far I went and in what time, think it was 7.23kms in 1hr6mins not great but i blame the run/walk out of necessity

Next thing on the running agenda is the “Nike – Run Free, Run Jozi”  10km event this coming Wednesday which I am looking forward to



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