April 2, 2012

So ladies and gents (this is hoping that someone or something has been reading my blog over the past few months) I haven’t posted a blog post since the 29th of March – this is not because I have not been running, its just cos I have been lazy to blog. Ok Ok, Cheeses, I havent been running as much as I should have either.

I went for a morning run and over the weekend a did a 9.33km run (which also happened to be my personal best time wise), I was supposed to do a 15km but f**k it.   At this stage I actually don’t give a shit – I was so so so amped for Two Oceans until I read somewhere that if you don’t run fast enough they stop you running and you aren’t allowed to finish.  What is that all about?  Bull crap I tell you, total bull crap!   I wasn’t ever scared of the 21.1kms but I am however scared of the 21.1kms in 3hrs.  Im pretty sure I can do it.  I mean I run 7kms in under 1hr so it is doable?

Anyways whatevs 6 days till Two Oceans and I am excited to run 🙂 Cos at the end of the day I LOVE running that’s why I started this journey in the first place….



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