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April 4, 2012

So yesterday I did my last run before Two Oceans.  *Gasp*

The time has come.  It is currently 7:23am as I write this and in 3 days time at 7:23am I would be an hour and 23minutes into my first ever half marathon.  As some point you just cant believe.

*Fist Pumps like a Guido at Spring Break*

7 months ago I had a fractured foot and could not run a kilometer without feeling like my heart was going to give up and I had to make use of my “in case of emergency” contacts – but look at me now, look at me now, look at me now I’m running marathons.

That being said I am nervous for Two Oceans – not of the distance, I know I can do 21.1kms.  I am worried about the time.  However I’m in the process of getting my head strong and in the right frame of mind and I will rock this marathon’s face off!

So this is kid of what it will look like in pictures:

The Start:



The next photos I will post shall be my own from the day 🙂 YAY


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