Starting again…
July 21, 2012

So, I ran Two Oceans Half Marathon and after accomplishing such a big ordeal (Or at least it was to me considering that 6 months previously the thought of running made me tired and I was out of breathe walking up the stairs to varsity), I dunno what happened but I just haven’t been able to get back into running.   That stops TODAY! Or rather yesterday evening when I decided enough was enough.

I will be doing the following:

  • 30 day ab challenge (Heidi Klums abs are 30 days away I am told) 
  • Running 3 times a week minimum.  (Oh and I want to try do some trail runs cos those seem all kinds of fun)  
  • Doing different fun activities apart from running

The Goal:  Doing Two Oceans Half Marathon 2013, and this time I shall do it in between 2hrs 30 to 2hrs 45.  (with my ripped abs and all around Hiedi Klum-ness bod)

So although I will be tracking and blogging about my running antics, I will be blogging about ALL my antics cos I just feel that although I will be “running fit”, I want my WHOLE body to be fit so my running blog will now be “The Sports Justine is partaking in” blog (but it will mostly be running)

I for some reason am dying to do kickboxing and some rock climbing,(and break all my beautifully manicured nails)  hiking and get doing all sorts of outdoorsy stuff.

Justine who previously thought of “Outdoorsy” as sitting on a our porch with a bottle of wine is now really going to go outdoors and be active. EXCITING!   Hey maybe I will even meet a Bear Grylls type man beast (One can wish).

So I am starting out, again, with a new routine to become a better version of myself.

Images courtesy of:  www.tylerroseswimwear.com,  www.dipity.com


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