Train Like a Beast, Look like a beauty
July 21, 2012

“Train like a beast, Look like a beauty”

My gorgeous friend @Jin_Campbell tweeted ‘Train like a beast, Look like a beauty”  this morning and I dunno if I was just in a slump due to all the little bubbles in my head feeling like they were popping all at once or whatever but I was like “FUCK YEAH!” (Sorry for swearing Mom).  So it is now my new mantra towards training.  I think I may even write a poem about it.  I suck at writing poems, so probably not.

That being said today since I am getting back into the running thing I did this:

5 min walk to warm up

7 min run

3 min walk

and I repeated that 4 times.

It sounds lame but it really wasn’t, it works out at about 3.79kms but the walking does make my time lame, I did it in like 45mins (I know, that sucks – but I will get fitter, and faster)


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