I’m highly irritated
August 30, 2012

ERMAHGERSH WHERT ERN ERPERC RERN – Or directly translated “Oh My gosh, what an epic run”

I’m kinda spaz’d out at the moment and my legs arent functioning properly but thats probably because I just ran 4.3kms and then thought, “Hey, Justine, lets work out your lower body”  so 60 lunges, 220 jumping jacks and 3minutes of wall sitting later my legs are basically jelly…. Which is funny cos I’m working out to tone them up so they aren’t “Jelly” like…. Sigh.

That being said I nearly shat myself running today.  So as you all know I run every day, I’m not training or anything so I do between 4/5km every time I run – I also cant do ANY running without “Dopi” my trusty Ipod (He has a name cos I name everything that is special to me).

ANYWAYS back to why I nearly had a heart attack – So Dopi is usually on full blast when I am running (Hearing issues are future Justine’s problem) and I always joke about the only reason I run being because its the ONLY time I hear heavy breathing – but NO, Not today.  This creepy creepy guy runs up to me from behind (I dont care what you say, anyone coming at you from behind is considered an attack – there is a sexual innuendo in that sentence just WAITING to be made) and tap my on the flippin shoulder and make small talk.  HELLO!  BRO!  I’M RUNNING! – I am not a social-able runner, I don’t wanna make small talk with you while I run (Unless your Jared Leto – I’m always free to talk to you Jared).  So firstly this dude taps me on the shoulder, I shit myself and think I am being mugged he then makes a joke about beer and runs next to me awkwardly making small talk, every time I tried to get away from him by running faster he upped his pace too – I felt like Forest Gump, where all he wants to do it be left alone to run and everyone follows him and makes a big deal out of it like assholes.

Run Forest, Run

Can you tell I’m irritated and grumpy about this jerk?  Jerk!


Image courtesy of:  www.jokeroo.com


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