8kms – I forgot I could run like this
September 4, 2012

So with the announcement of #WeRunJozi I put on my trusty Puma’s this arvie and “Hit the Road running”

I also tried out the Nike+ Running App (on my room mates iPod cos I am yet to commit to buying a smaller iPod JUST for running) which I just became a rather big fan of, obviously cos Nike is amazing and everything about them rocks so flipping hard.

Nike+ App

I love Endomondo – I love the community behind the Endomondo app but the fact that Nike+ is in you iPod and you only have to take one thing with you when you go running (no running bag for my iPod and phone so I can track my distances), well that’s just brilliant.  Endomondo needs to make a deal with Apple soon or they may lose me.


So I went out running today, I was just going to do ‘the usual’ a 4km loop but 3kms in I was like “No Justine, just No! No more bang average for you”  and with that I crossed the mighty Witkoppen Road and ran into Lonehill and added an extra 4kms onto my usual route (I also saw something that made me angry – but that’s a whole different kettle of fish not one that is safe to open onto the interwebs just yet) – cut a long story short 8.06km in 57mins.  YAY ME! Justine is happy! Justine likes this running longer distances Justine, Justine is talking to herself about herself, Justine may be crazy. Justine doesn’t care. 🙂

That being said I have something to say to Nike and their #WeRunJozi race in October – Bring it ON!



Images courtesy of: www.everythingicafe.com and www.slimtechie.blogspot.com


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