An uphill battle…
September 8, 2012

So, I have a bit of a problem or rather and “issue” that I just cannot get my head around: Running uphill

Everyday I do my usual ‘Stay in shape’ 4km run daily, I haven’t made my daily runs longer (which I am more than capable of doing) for one reason and one reason only – if I do, I have to RUN UPHILL!!!!

Why does my brain make my legs think that this is something I hate and cannot do?

When I was training for Two Oceans there was a section on my runs that no matter how tired (or not tired) I was I would walk it cos “it was uphill” this needs to stop and I don’t know how I can get my brain to be like “Justine, its just a hill, chill out you can run up it, promise you wont die, people do it all the time”

Running Uphill

I know not very many people like running uphill but surely there must be a strategy to make it mind over matter and just do it?  Help!

I think I fear hills from High School days doing hockey training where our couch use to make us run up the hill, nay mountain (that was pretty much at a 90 degree angle) in heats.  So I would run up at full speed and then jog down and then the next person would go, kind of like a relay – it sucked, I’m still haunted by it.

If you have any advice please pop a comment in the comment section!

Help!   I need to conquer the hills!

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  1. Just shuffle up the hill keep your eyes down on the road and swings your arms, and you will get there xx


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