Did I get Hit on?
September 10, 2012

This is kinda awkward….

So I run my usual route that I do just about every day and I guess I am a regular face on the roads in my area one would say, there are a few other runners that I have seen before but not many and I have probably only ever seen them like ONCE before – The people that I see regularly are the people walking there dogs or children (I don’t care if that is socially unacceptable to say, children should be walked, the should to tire them out and make sure they had healthy bones and what not)

So Today I got hit on by another runner – apparently I am “Hot Property” in the running world it turns out – People think I’m cool. Whaddup! *High Fives myself* 

Le Me:  *Running merrily along*

Runner Chick:  Hey! Hello! *waves*

Le Me:  *Waves, carries on running*

Runner Chick:  *Runs up next to me and makes the “take you iPod out motion”*  Hi I have seen you around you run quite allot and I think you look cool, are you looking for a running partner?

Le Me: Um, not really I prefer to run alone – its my only “quite time”

Runner Chick:  Oh, ok, that sucks, well I’ll see you around then I guess, I usually see you when I am driving

Le Me: *Getting a bit of a creepy stalker possible Lesbian vibe* Yeah, See you around *Runs off*

I’m cool, other people think I’m cool. Whatevs, no biggie – If you could all just form an orderly queue I will sign any pictures of my face shortly. Haha.

In other more exciting news, thanks to Glynis (The expert marathon runner) I conquered hills today – I siked myself out allot to not just give up and walk it and I managed quite fine.  Yay, go me.  Must keep it up.


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  1. Well done on the hill Jussie – you can “Do It”. As for the marathon expert I will take the compliment even if I believe otherwise . Love you xx


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