I’m on FIRE!
September 2, 2012

I am not fire, not literally obviously but running wise totally.  Boom!

I ran twice today.  This morning I did 4kms and this afternoon I did 4.72kms this afternoon, so 8.72 kms today.  Go me!

I have found that post-Two Oceans I am struggling to get my head around doing really long runs…. I know after 4kms I can carry on going, hell I can do 4kms in my sleep, I don’t even really get tired doing it anymore…. but my mind, she is a lazy mother f**ker!!!!  So I have decided that I am going to break up my runs so that I am getting good distance still but not doing it all at once (cos my brain just can’t get motivated for that)

I’m looking forward to running tomorrow morning the most – I miss morning running, who am I kidding I miss my unofficial running partner with the man beast shoulders and the legs that God spent just a little extra time shaping – Also he runs faster than me, and I get to hear heavy breathing that isn’t my own.  Its sexual, not really, at all.  Lost my train of though in a day dream there for a second, oh, yes, morning running looking forward to that.

I shall then run in the afternoon again – I’m going to be so lean and mean by December, the beaches won’t know what to do with themselves!

Running on the beach

Image courtesy of:  www.realitypod.com


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