Make me angry!
September 3, 2012

Emotions are such a strange thing, when I’m super duper happy and life is just peachy, my running times suck – however when I’m angry or sad or just generally pissed off it’s like I’m Usain Bolt, I could run forever and I never ever get sore and I run super fast too.  So if ever there was a reason to NOT deal with my internal anger issues running is it.  That being said I wanna say a little thank you to the things that cause my anger/tantrums.

Throwing a tantrum

Things causing anger in the morning:

1. EVERYTHING – no personality before 10 am and a few cups of coffee, its not my fault really

Things causing anger in the afternoon:

1.  Taxi’s

2.  Slow drivers on the highway

3.  People cutting in when I have been waiting in the queue for 30mins

4.  Overly happy people when I am in a bad mood

5.  Stubbing my toe

6.  Anyone on the radio

7.  Stupid people

I really could go on forever but I shall not – I just want to thank all those dumb-asses for putting me in a bad mood so that I run faster.

I may swear at you, give even give you the bird and threaten murder in the dead of night but once I have run it off and cooled down, I really am thankful for you all


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  1. Stubbing my toe, taxi’s, anyone on the radio, stupid people and happy people when I’m in a bad mood. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check!

    1. I’m glad I am not the ONLY one who is so easily angered 🙂


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