Scared to run
September 18, 2012

I have been in Cape Town living like a Queen for the past 5 days, eating and drinking like a fish – no, I probably drank more than a fish.

Tomorrow I start running again (as well as well as my new job) and I am scared – eating too much and doing too little activity is going to make tomorrow’s training HURT!

That being said I am super amped to get back into it, for a bit of revenge (Personal revenge Рalways the best) as well as the fact that two of my closest friends decided yesterday that they want to run Two Oceans with me in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Good Luck for the job and don’t worry about missing a week of running, I Haven’t run for three months hehe!!
    Just remember that entries for 2 Oceans 21km sell out very quickly – you snooze you lose .
    Love you xxx


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