We Run Jozi training – Full steam ahead
September 6, 2012

Nike Running ZA is back with #WeRunJozi (you can like their page and register for the run here)  – 4 weeks of training till the big day.  I’m not really nervous.  Its 10kms.  Wow, I have gotten arrogant in my old age.

I’m just excited to have 4 weeks to become a leaner, meaner, fitter, faster runner – This time last year Nike held the same event and my time was if I remember something like 1hr 30mins (I’m trying to find the photo I have with my time but my stalking abilities aren’t what they used to be – or rather aren’t as good when I am stalking myself).

We Run Jozi Nike

I know for a fact I will kick last years running time because this morning I ran 8kms in 54 minutes.  Boom!  However it does come down to the actual day and all those people do have an effect on your running time.  I just wanna hit my goals fitness wise and enjoy the day!  And hanging out with an expected 20 000 like minded runners is gonna be rad too.

Love Nike. What a Brand win.


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