October 23, 2012

There is an artist in every generation who isn’t appreciated for his art in his day, well that stops today!

May I introduce you to @irCadillac and #AvatarADar

My request was simple, after watching Titanic one to many times all I wanted was to be drawn “Like one of them French Girls”  by Jack Dawson (I mean who wasn’t in love with Leo DiCaprio back then?) who would have guessed I would get a modern day Salvador Dali instead….

So, without further further a-do ladies and gents, the artist genius that is @irCadillac and his #AvatarADar

Punky drawn as a French girl

Who needs a sinking ship, a high budget movie deal or Leo DiCaprio when you have Twitter friends huh?

Also you can follow Rick-Rack Cadillac here (I highly suggest you do if you aren’t already)

Also I promised I would speak some French (I dropped it at  O Levels o.k, so bare with me here) so here goes:

Cher Rick-Rack merci de me dessiner comme une jeune fille française 🙂


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