Death by Dead Sea Salt Salesmen
October 29, 2012

Anyone living in Johannesburg or South Africa knows what I mean when I say “Dead Sea Salt Products” Salesmen – for those of you who don’t here is a quick round up.

Go to any popular mall in South Africa over the weekend and you WILL see the Dead Sea Salt Salesmen I speak of. I mostly see them at The Design Quarter, Fourways Mall, and Northgate which coincidentally are my closest Malls (and the ones I avoid the most) – we all know salesmen are aggressive, we all also know that sex sells and accents are sexy … 3 things the Dead Sea Salt people have, and will use to get you to buy their products.

I got caught once by these Sales men and this why….. Let me be a lesson to you all

The salesman looked like this:

Gorgeous Men

mixed with this:

Hot Men

My loins and womanly needs could not say no. The man was yelling at me, telling me I was beautiful in an voice similar to what I assume Angel Gabriel sounds like – I had to talk to him, I had to see what he wanted, I was in a trance….. and BOOM!!!! That is how I ended up buying R800.00 worth of useless f**king dead sea salt product that I will never use.

Frankly the R100.00 hand cream from my darling Woolies does a better job and my hands do NOT feel like sand paper (I know this cos I have been told they don’t)

And men, don’t think you are safe either – the Italian looking super models who work with these Man Gods are just as beautiful if not more so….

I now have a strategy: Eyes down, avoid eye contact at ALL cost, pretend to be on phone (or busy on any form of electronic device), walk quickly past – so far so good

Learn from my lesson.  Don’t get pulled into the trap.  Let my stupidity be a lesson to you all.

In other news – If any of you have R800.00 lying around that you want to buy some Dead Sea Salt products for a friend – Call me, maybe? (I’ll even talk foreign)

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  1. Well…. i love it when you talk foreign!!! hahaha


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