Die Antwoord vs. Lady Gaga
October 20, 2012

We all know Die Antwoord are flipping weird – It’s part of the reason why they have done so well overseas, well that and  their “We don’t give a f**k attitude” mixed with shocking and frankly quite catchy lyrics.

Well, now they have decided to take on Lady Gaga.  At the beginning of the year Gaga announced that she would be coming to South Africa as part of her tour.  Being a fan of Die Antwoord she reportedly asked them to open for her at the concert – they declined.

I know Yolandi and Ninja aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box but, surely being asked to open for one of the worlds BIGGEST pop stars and saying ‘No’ is not a wise career move?

Well not only did they say no they made this music video featuring a Lady Gaga look-a-like sporting her infamous Meat Dress….. and that is how the fight started

Lady Gaga then responded on Twitter with this tweet

Lady Gaga Tweet


Followed later by this tweet:

Lady Gaga Tweet


Never the ones to back down Die Antwoord then posted this on Facebook along with a screen capture of Gaga’s first tweet

Die Antwoord vs Lady Gaga


Say what you want about Gaga and Die Antwoord – I love me some old fashioned celebrity bickering, its like reality TV, you watch it but really you have NO idea why!

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  1. Yolandi for the win

  2. That was literally the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched!


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