October 20, 2012

It hailed in Johannesburg today – however hail doesn’t really describe it because although nothing out of the ordinary fell from the sky (Like fish or “cats and dogs”) the usual ice cubes were replaced by pieces of ice the size of golf balls and bigger – I am yet to see any pictures of the damage the hail caused, but I am sure many an insurance company got calls about car and house hold damage after the hail storm hit.

I am still convinced that God was just having a really bad round of golf against like Moses or Cane and Able and kicked his bucket full of balls across the golf course in frustration with himself…. Hence the size of the hail, but then again I do day dream a lot.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words so thanks to a few of my friends BBM pictures I haveĀ attachedĀ some for you too see for yourself

Hail the size of golfballs

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  1. Ah…. Thank goodness for blogs and all the useful info we get from them….

    What is the weather like now? Thanks!!!

    1. Its great….. You can find out what the weather is like too if you look outside, oh wait, you need offices with windows for that


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