House of Marley launch
October 16, 2012

So this is a bit of a distraction from my usual running posts but I have decided this is a new direction I am going with this blog – I still love running and I will be blogging about running but also the stuff I get up to outside of training to run a race (Yeah, I have a social life – I know, shocker!)

So Im pretty excited about this – Tonight I am going to the House of Marley Launch in Rosebank.  I’m excited! I’m excited ! I’m excited! Did I mention that I am in fact excited?

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Bob Marley, and to be able to meet his son Rohan Marley is going to be all kinds of cool and I may no, I will be all kinds of starstruck!

Also I am guessing that since the Marleys are a house hold name in the music world I am PRETTY sure that House of Marley Audio Products are going to blow my head off with their amazingness! From looking at pictures they look pretty siiiiick!

Check them out:

House of Marley headphones

Image courtesy of:  www.webzine.unitedfashionforpeace.com


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