My love/hate relationship with Sundays
October 28, 2012

Is it possible to have feelings for a day of the week?

I know I hate Monday, I’m not all that fond of Wednesday either (they call it Hump Day which just makes me feel really single).

I used to love Thursdays or ‘Phuza Thursday‘ rather.

I’m in a complicated relationship with Friday (Mostly as he is seeing other people).

The Week explained
Pretty much explains it…… till Sunday

I don’t remember most of my Saturdays and Sundays are well, Sundays.

I do however wake up on a Sunday feeling pretty happy because of the following reasons:

  1. Sleeping in without feeling guilty about it
  2. Pajama’s till 4pm or all day really
  3. Anytime is Nap O’Clock
  4. I get to spend some QT with my TV
  5. Home spa days
And I feel pretty happy until around 6/7ish when the Sunday evening TV line-up of depression starts.
*Cue Carte Blanche music*
My mood goes from bad to worse and I get that “Going back to boarding school”, butterflies in my stomach but not in a good way feeling. ┬áThen I hate Sundays. I hate them because
  1. Back to work
  2. Back to rushed mornings
  3. Coffee is just not that same when being sipped “on-the-go”
  4. “There is a truck that’s lost its load on the M1 South – traffic is back up add 30mins to your travelling time”
  5. Gareth Cliffs voice on the radio


*QT – Quailty Time


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