The Art of Optical Illusions
October 22, 2012

I love when I log into Facebook and see REALLY cool stuff on my time line instead of the usual boring “I am going to the gym”, “I just ate the worlds best pizza” posts (I asked where the worlds best pizza was on the mentioned Facebook post *obviously*- I have had pizza at said restaurant, my friend is a liar – no one likes a liar bro)

So I found this artist through my Facebook – I have seen his stuff before and I loved it then and I may love it even more now.

Have a look at these pics and let me know if I’m just crazy or if you like his stuff too

Oleg Shuplyak

and then this one is so cute and clever it makes me feel all happy inside

Oleg Shuplyak Birds

These amazing optical illusions are done by a Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak.  You can check out some of this other art here

Personally I think they are amazing – have a closer look and see all the other pictures within pictures – just shows that you shouldn’t take anything at face value you should ALWAYS look a little deeper

Just enjoy it…. xoxo



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