The “My Family Car Sticker” Craze
October 26, 2012

Let me pre-warn you this is a bit of a rant before you read on.

I remember when the “My Family” sticker craze first started, I saw it on the back of a Honda CRV and I may have even thought to myself, “Awww, that’s cute, look at that little family of 4 with a dog and a cat, I should get those for my Mom”, but then I like a NORMAL person… I didn’t.  My Mother has 5 Toy Poms and that may be a little weird to the outside world (It’s even weirder that she calls them my brothers and sisters but that’s a whole another issue…. for my shrink).

It started off as cute. Now it’s just f**king ridiculous.

Example 1:

The lady in the 2012 Range Rover who has the following “My Family” stickers on her rear view windscreen.  

  • 1 husband  (on his boat – I wish I was lying, you cant make this shit up)
  • Herself (with shopping bags obviously)
  • 3 kids (2 girls also with shopping bags taking after there oh so lovely mother, 1 son with a skate board making him the ONLY cool person in the whole family)
  • 4 dogs (Each child has a dog I assume)
  • 2 horses (to keep the girls entertained when they aren’t shopping I assume)

To summarise this:  YOU’RE RICH! WE GET IT! WE GOT IT WHEN WE SAW YOU DRIVING A BRAND NEW RANGE ROVER! However now with all your My family stickers I know that not only are you rich, but your also an asshole…

Example 2:

The over breeders:  I have made notes that I keep in my car and stick on their windscreen when the opportunity arises.  Over population is a SERIOUS problem, I am just doing my bit to help save the world really.  I mean just LOOK the picture and tell me I am over reacting. Five children? FIVE CHILDREN!?

My family stickers
‘The Breeders’

On this particular vehicle I just wrote a note saying, “You need this more than me” and stuck in under her windscreen wiper…..with a condom.

There are WAY more of these idiots on the road – if you have pictures of any of them please send them to me via my Facebook page or Twitter, I do love laughing at these idiots.

I do however want to put this on the back of my car so people know what I think of their stick figure families, and to let them know I have the ability to kill them and could snap at ANY minute…

Stick Familes


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  1. Best thing I have read in a long long time! Well done !

  2. You couldn’t pay me enough to stick those atrocities on my car. Retarded.

  3. …. My mom has “My Family” stickers on her car, I may disown her

  4. love this theme 🙂


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