Um, yeah, so about that challenge
October 4, 2012

You know what I love about challenges? I love when you make them only to see them run off into the distance at the speed of light with no hope of you ever catching up.  This has happened to me this week.

On Monday I had every intention of running 10kms a day (5km in the morning and 5km in the afternoon).  The challenge started off well and on Monday I actually ran a total of 11kms – I was feeling like an over achiever.  I may have even gotten a little arrogant at how EASY my challenge was going to be, then Tuesday morning happened.

Everyone knows I am not a morning person. In my defense its not that I hate the mornings, I love mornings, its just I hate waking up, I hate getting out of bed and I hate the first 20 mins of transition from Zombie to Normal person, but after those 20 mins, hell I LOVE the mornings.  However on Tuesday the morning wake up won and I didn’t manage to get out of bed, Wednesday morning won too, oh hell look at that Thursday morning won aswell – and I have therefore given up even trying to run in the morning.  I shall just have to go for longer runs in the afternoon (but without a challenge cos I have decided not meeting any of them is really getting me down haha)

Sunday is #RunJozi and I am nervous excited.  Nervous cos well I’m just a nervous person sometimes and excited cos F**K yeah I cant wait to run!!! My friends have however all ditched me, but its ok cos my trusty pal Bridget is still doing it. Yay for Bridget.

I plan to get my running on again after work today I’m hoping on about 6kms-ish. Chilled vibes, but cos of my lack of running and the excuses I am making (about not being able to get up) I found this pic which well, makes sense.

Workout Motivation

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  1. I love to run! My weekly average is about 40 km. So I run mainly 4-5 times per week. I got used to run in the morning. OK, not at 5 or 6 am but after 7 am, really depends on the season and the weather. But there are also days when when I just postponing my well establish running habits. And don’t run like 8 day in a row. Tnx god my Nikeplus profile goal is letting me know how it’s slipping by, day by day. I have to burn 16000cal till one date that i have set and I am still not back on track to make it in time. But anyway those Milestone, trophies and other achievement thru Nike, make me push to run further and longer 😉 That one of my motivations and also my first 10K at the end of october.
    And then after all you can also eat more carbs and not to gain weight. The benefit of running in the morning is that you first run and then know that you can eat more than usual. But if you run in the evening, you are eating and telling to yourself that you will run in the evening but after all when it comes to this, just stay at home on a couch

    1. I just hate waking up in the morning but yeah I do prefer running in the morning, at least you know its done and dusted and you can carry on with your day


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