We are on a break
October 15, 2012

Just so everyone knows (all 10 of you  who read my blog of which like 8 of you are family) I haven’t STOPPED running I am just “Taking a break”, we haven’t broken up, we aren’t seeing other people we are simply just having some time apart which frankly is rather good for our relationship.

I just don’t feel like after all the training and stuff I have been doing that I am at a place, or running at a speed that I am comfortable with – I don’t yet know how I am going to fix or change this but I am not happy being comfortable, I want to do better so I can be better!   Yes I know that all sounds very wishy washy and airy fairy but I want to run faster, I need to run faster and in order to get back into it, I need a break.

I am still planning to run Two Oceans next year – So have no fear I will be back on the road in FULL force come the 1st of November 🙂


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