6 reasons why I lurve Movember
November 1, 2012

I love Movember really, I do.

I know most girls dread the next 30 days as their significant others faces slowly disappear under facial hair, but not I.

Here is why:

1.  Facial hair is hot.  Bearded men are sexy.  Mustaches are sexier.   Don’t believe me? Check this Sexy McSex Face out. *Drool*

Facial hair
Lucky Thumb – Just Saying

2. Its for a good cause, Cancer awareness and general awareness about male health.  It also shows he cares about people other than himself, which is always a good thing, amiright ladies?

3. I’m pro Manscaping (that’s like landscaping just looking after his facial hair garden instead of plants) and Movember is the ONE month of the year where men embrace ‘stache grooming and shaping. 

4.  Its a conversation starter – “Hey cute boy, I mustache you a question….” (Yeah, best pick-up line EVER, you’re welcome girls)

5. You can tell how cool/creative/funny a guy is by his ‘stache shape of choice.  The more inventive the ‘stache shape, the more fun he probably is to hang out with. Fact.

Funny Mustache
Mo’ Win





Check this guy’s ‘stache out, he is having a      little mustache party on his face, I may wanna get involved in it.









6. Mustache = Patience.  Imagine how annoying it must be to have your face covered in hair? Anyone other than Father Christmas, who can commit having a face full of hair that for a month has to have superior patience.

So stop looking at the negatives like ‘Face Rash’ and him taking longer to get ready than you – its 30 days.

You sir can be the Beard winner in my household.


All I can say is this:  Gentlemen, GROW. YOUR. FACE!


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  1. hahahahahaha Gentleman GROW YOUR FACE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA you make my LIFE!!!!!


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