Alcohol under a microscope
November 15, 2012

I am a bit a of an internet troll, I think this is the curse of working in Digital Marketing – I’m always surfing the interwebs looking for cool new articles/apps or interesting things and today I found this thanks to The Telegraph

So its Friday night and you’re dressed to the 9’s, perched on a bar stool chatting with your friends sipping on a Daiquiri – but have you ever thought about what that Daiquiri looks like under a microscope?  or Champagne? What about a good ol’ Tequila shot?  Remember that time you invited the 4 cousins over and had some of their Rose Wine? Well here are all of your poisons under a microscope….

Tequila Shot under a microscope
Tequila Shot
Daiquiri under a microscope
Champagne under a microscope
Rose Wine under the microscope
Rose Wine

Pictures courtesy of: Telegraph


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