Back on the streets
November 18, 2012

So I have been doing a lot of “talking” about running and very little actual running of late;I have been telling everyone else to run and giving out my trusty running programme but I feel like a fraud because I have not been running.

Nike Run Jozi was the first time in my life I really did not enjoy doing a 10k or running, I think it must have been the heat; I just cannot get my brain around running in the heat.  I know I need to change that mind set but I haven’t been able to yet.

After the “run of death” (Nike Run Jozi) I hung up my running shoes, and took a break, the break has been going on too long however and today I broke my break and went for a run.

My, my, my but does one lose ones fitness at a rate of knots… I did a pathetic 3.1kms of which I walked about a km, so 2kms of running. Pathetic!  Yes it was 29 minutes of cardio and well done to me for getting back out there and running again but holy crap do I have yet another hectic amount of training in front of me if I plan to make Two Oceans my bitch.  I’m sure I’ll manage to do it, Glynis (the marathon runner) is going to help me (she doesn’t know it yet ;)) and I will get faster because that is my main goal now, it’s not just to finish (I have done that before:D), it’s to finish in a respectable time (But don’t hold me to that JUST yet)

Anyways, to cut a long story short.  I ran today.


Justine Joy


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