How to make her melt…
November 6, 2012

So this is a little different to what I usually blog about but hey its new and different and it’ll keep you enjoying the site 😉

A saw a tweet the other day that got me thinking, (I sadly can’t remember who tweeted it) it went something like this:

“Men, you will understand woman if you get that they are ALL the same, they just behave differently”

At first I was like “Oh honey, please, I’m basically a dude with lady parts” but then my brain carried on thinking – yes, I think more like a guy than most girls but at the end of the day if a guy brings me flowers, calls me beautiful instead of hot, pulls my out chair or opens my car door, I melt…. Like just about every girl out there.

The worlds most disgustingly romantic picture ever

So I thought I would write a little “How to make her melt” guide for all those dudes out there who have absolutely NO clue how to go about impressing the ladies.

I will help you get your B-Game up to the A-Game you need to score.  It’s a pleasure.

I’m going to keep it basic because not a f**k am I giving it all away……

So here are some pointers gents:

  1. Chivalry is NOT dead.  This is point one because it is the most important, it’s the little chivalrous acts that make us think “Aaaah, what a nice guy!”, “He is definitely boyfriend material” and “What amazing manners, my Dad will love him” – it also guarantees a second date
  2. Girls know from a first date whether or not there will be a second date, guys on the other hand need 3 or 4 dates to decide if she is worth the effort.  So, wow her on the first date, be funny, witty, charming and complimentary and chances are you’ll get a second date
  3. Don’t talk about your girlfriends till the 3rd date– Yes you are allowed to have friends who are girls, yes you’re allowed to have friends, we like that you do, but for Pete’s sake I don’t want to hear about how you spend the whole weekend having fun with Marilyn your best girl friend.
  4. Show you have passion.  It doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about, but show you have it.  For example “I love Arsenal!” let her know you love Arsenal and football, and watch just about every football game you can, if she is going to be a part of your life she needs to know this.  Passion is sexy, you want her to think you are sexy don’t you?
  5. The Bill Dance.  So you have taken her for dinner and a movie or just dinner or whatever it is, if the girl just sits back and expects you to pay when the bill comes without offering or at least trying to get the bill to pay, then write her off – for the rest of your life she will just sit back and expect you to pay for everything.  No one wants that.
  6. Stick to the basics.  Don’t try too hard to make it “the best date she has ever been on”, there is a reason why the following date options work:
    1. Dinner and a movie
    2. Picnic in the park
    3. Walk in the park
    4. Afternoon coffee and cakes

They work because you get to know each other and chat in a scenic environment          where, should the conversation get a little tricky you can comment on your surroundings – save the overly romantic “Never been thought of before” dates for when you really know a person.

I hope this helps all the dudes out there….

Go forth and fornicate (but be wise and condomise)


Justine Joy



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