The best of ‘The My Family car Sticker’ craze
November 5, 2012

If you have read my previous blog post about “The My Family Car Sticker” craze you’ll know how much these car stickers irritate me (If you haven’t read my previous post check it out here)

However after doing that post people have been sending me some real beauties through Twitter  and Facebook (make sure you have liked my Facebook page it’s a party: Justine Joy It on Facebook) some have been brilliant. I went through the best ones to bring you this blog post….

So to all the “My Family” “Stick Family” “whatever you call them” haters – this post is for you… I hope you laugh

1. The cat lady – God bless her honesty.

Cat lady


2. The Troll – Someone give the person who did this to this car a bells, or 2….

Position Open

3. The Cartoonist politicians love to hate – Zapiro is a genius, I love his representation of the ‘Zuma Family’. What a legend!
Zuma Family by Zapiro

4.  And the person who doesn’t give a f**k about any of it and thinks everyone with a “Stick Family” on the back of their vehicle is an asshole (I want this sticker for the back of my passion wagon – I am this person)

Car Sticker


And that sums up the best of the “My Family Sticker” car craze….

I thank the Soccer Moms for the laughs…. (And for breeding future Gerard Piques)


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