For the love of Motivation
November 27, 2012

So, today during work hours (sorry boss people) I was on Pinterest looking at cool stuffs,as you do. (Granted I have been working like a dog and deserved a teeny tiny little  break of Pinterest fun – this for the benefit of my employers, encase they read this)


I have always struggled with motivation, once I am out the door and on the road running everything is peachy and I feel all cool and fit and healthy while daydreaming about being mistaken by Heidi Klum and having Ryan Reynolds lusting after me…. The reality of the situation is I’m probably more Susan Boyle than Heidi, and its less Ryan Reynolds lusting after me and more the creepy old Gary Busey look -a-like but that’s what day dreaming is all about


Motivation, that’s what I was typing about – I go off on tangents so much.  Anyways, while pinning I saw this and thought the idea was cute – granted I am faaaaar to lazy to do this, and my morals wont let me buy ice-creams sticks (they prefer to eat the ice cream attached to the stick) but maybe it will work for one of your readers.  Actually I may not do this on seconds thoughts just not with running tasks but I may do it with something like ‘Daily Motivational Sayings’ or ‘Insult of the day’ or in the hopes to growing my vocabulary a “word of the day” jar – It’s a cool idea ok! See the pic below!


Getting motivated ideas



Such a cute idea right? Totally worth all my rambling 😉 Just enjoy it xoxo


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