iPhone 5S rumours
November 12, 2012

Remember a few minutes ago when the iPhone 5 was launched?  It feels like it happened just minutes ago, and that’s because it did. The iPhone 5 is not even widely available in South Africa yet, all the Apple groupies are paying ludicrous amounts of money to have one before they are officially available through service providers but, to people who don’t earn more money than they know what to do with iPhone 5’s are still a dream that they hope they will get with their next cell phone upgrade…. Or maybe they should wait for the iPhone 5S?

I wish I was joking about what I just said about the iPhone 5S, but the reality of the situation is I read an article on TechCrunch (you can read the full article here) that said, and I quote “Apple is prepping an iPhone 5S for test production in December and volume manufacturing in early 2013” – ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

At some point a company just has to stop, take a step back and say “Hey, let’s maybe let our customers have the latest gadget from longer than 6 months before we release a bigger better model”.  In the same breath I do understand that to stay on top of their game they need to be constantly innovating and bettering themselves – but an estimated 6 months between releases just seems ridiculous to me.

That being said at the rate that Apple is churning out iPhone models pretty soon my original iPhone is going to be worth a FORTUNE on Antiques Road show, so that’s a win for me.



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