It’s only 24 weeks, right?
November 14, 2012

So, in an attempt to get thinner, fitter and better at life in general I have embarked on a nutrition program like no other – I currently have a very limited amount of things I am allowed to eat, which isn’t THAT bad actually…. I thought it would be a whole lot of steamed chicken breast and fish with broccoli like a real “Boet”.  Its funny because I’m not allowed to eat broccoli for the next 12 weeks.  Yes, there is allot of chicken and fish but alot of vairety too – like cheese, I’m allowed cheese, I know right!!! Who would have thought Heidi Klum was allowed to eat cheese and stay looking the way she does?

That being said I have a mammoth few months ahead of me…. I am 4 weeks into a 12 week program and I have a further 12 weeks after that which means that on the 4th of April 2013 (If the Mayans aren’t right and we all live to see 2013) I will be allowed to have a glass of wine and some sushi while looking shit hot in my size 6 pair of skinny jeans.

I will also be running Two Oceans that month too if everything works out – not 100% sure on Two Oceans as I write this but that’s probably just cos I haven’t run since the 7th of November and it’ll take some time to get back into it.


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