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Nanami Cowdroy
November 19, 2012 By Justine Joy

As I mentioned before I LOVE graffiti – thank you to all of you who after reading my Banksy post sent me your favourite graffiti pictures, I really loved seeing them all, keep on Tweeting/Posting them on my Facebook page :)

That being said today it is time to share with you another on of my favourite artists, Nanami Cowdroy

I really love her work and the intricate detail she puts into each piece – especially her monochrome palette with her name stamped brightly in red so her pieces can be easily spotted (not that I need a signature to recognise her work ).

I first fell in love with Nanami’s work (Her name means Seven Sea’s in Japanese) when I was doing some iPod cover shopping in a music store – I fell in love with the iPod cover below (which I still have on my trust iPod) which happens to be by none other than Nanami Cowdroy.

So before I start rambling and daydreaming about being able to draw like this – here are some of my favourite Nanami Cowdroy pieces.

Nanami Cowdroy Graffiti
My iPod cover by Nanami Cowdroy



Nanami Cowdroy BlowFish


Nanami Cowdroy Girl


Nanami Cowdroy Gun

Nanami Cowdroy Octopus


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