You STOPPED drinking alcohol?
November 7, 2012

So, I have recently given up drinking alcohol, not that I have a drinking problem or had to!  I stopped for #SoberOctober with my Twitter friend Sarah or @Fitmiss360 as she is known on the Twitter (Follow her here) .

Sober October started at first to see if we could do it, and then so many people got involved and it became not only about seeing if we could do it, but about Alcohol Abuse Awareness with the added benefit of not throwing our hard earned cash into a bottomless pit of alcoholic beverages – we also lost some weight and got better looking and more awesome (Who knew we could get better looking, I thought we were both already right up there looks wise ;))

Anyways enough about that.

So I have decided to not only do Sober October but to carry on and do NovemBEER – not that I am a beer drinker but I will be having a “Dry” November as well for 2 reasons:

  1. I need to look like Heidi Klum for my December holiday
  2. I am an idiot

Do you have ANY idea how much South Africans and Zimbaweans drink?  It seems every time I get invited somewhere its never to do anything other than ‘Phuza’ – god bless my alcoholic friends.

I broke the news to my friends that I would not be drinking alcohol till Christmas

There reaction was something like this:

Shocked Face

Followed by

Shocked Face

When they finally got over the shock of these words coming out of my mouth the general reply was:



“I just don’t understand. Help me understand Justine. I need to understand”


“Y U NO enjoy life?”

I understand how shocked they must all be, I mean I have been showing up to life fashionably drunk since 1987.  This is a rather large lifestyle change.

That being said, I will NOT be drinking till Christmas day – My family has already ordered cases of Wine for me (I love how supportive they are towards enhancing my personality with alcohol) to celebrate the end of my sobriety…. the 25th of December is going to be crazy, I plan to make Jesus proud.

In the mean time I will be ordering the following: “Double water on the rocks s’il vous plaît, I’m parched”


Justine Joy

Image courtesy of: www.jackygalichon.edublogs.org

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  1. Vokkin proud of you cuzz!!!

    1. Why thank you family member 😉 Wine on Xmas? I think so


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